Method of Inhibiting Molecules to Dramatically Increase Muscle Mass and Strength



Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have developed a novel method for dramatically increasing the rate of muscle growth.

They were able to achieve an 80% increase in muscle gains from resistance training (actual University test results).

They accomplished this by suppressing a known molecule (within muscles).

In addition, the researchers feel that by removing this “molecular brake”; Athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world will also enjoy the following benefits.

1)The unique ability to increase muscle while also:

1.    Lose body fat or “cut up” (fitness experts know it’s very hard to pack on muscle while eating less or dieting).

2.    Endurance train or do frequent cardio workouts (it’s typically hard to build muscle while burning calories).

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Molecular Brakes


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2) No More Compromising

Just imagine achieving a projected 80% increase in muscle gains… from a supplement with all natural ingredients.

While also being able to:

  • • Trim your belly fat.  

  • • Have frequent cardio sessions.



Or imagine never having to decide whether to:

  • • Do strength training instead of endurance training.

  • • Choose between bulking up or trimming down.




What slows muscle growth?


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Full Description

The human body has been evolving for thousands of years. During this evolution, the body has set up many fail safes to protect itself. These evolutionary traits have allowed humans to flourish in all of the harsh climates of this planet. However, these same traits are the very things that create the many training challenges for today’s athletes.


The body has evolved to have two basic modes of metabolism. One is called anabolic. This literally means building up or adding. Our bodies have evolved to build up muscle, fat, even bone density during times of excess or plentiful nourishment. This is why we increase our caloric intake when we are trying to gain strength and muscle mass.

The other mode is called catabolic. This mode means breaking down or eliminating. This is the one used to lose weight and body fat. This evolutionary development makes the body burn the stores of fat it has during times of low or reduced nourishment. Athletes increase repetitive muscle activity and reduce caloric intake when they want to lose unwanted body fat, utilizing this trait.

Both of these modes have built in “metabolic brakes” to protect the body from being in either mode for too long of a time. The body will effectively put on the “brakes” to prevent either starvation or over production of muscle.

Since muscle takes more energy to operate, the body does not want too much of it. Conversely, when the body burns up too much of its “reserves” (fat), it will put on a “brake” and reset its “fat meter” and try to turn more calories into fat the next time it has the chance.

It is these “brakes” that athletes have been trying to work and train around for decades. That is why we have to choose between strength and endurance training. These “brakes” not only limit the training we can do within these modes, but also keep us from gaining muscle and losing weight at the same time. This is called “The interference effect of concurrent training.”

Researchers at the University of California Davis have recently made an amazing discovery. They located a specific protein that triggers these “molecular brakes.” During laboratory testing, they were able to increase muscle gains from resistance training by an average of 80% by suppressing this protein. Not only that, they also found that they could reduce body fat in subjects while making these dramatic increases in muscle gains.

The potential of these results is amazing. Imagine being able to gain potentially 80% more muscle while also being able to reduce body fat. We could add muscle and strength without cutting down on endurance training. There would no longer be a decision between mass gain and fat loss. Professional athletes could both gain endurance while adding needed strength. And those just starting a workout program could lose weight while also changing the shape of their body and increasing self-esteem.